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U.S Groundwater Data Portal (TNM Basemap)

Design underway at the USGS Center for Integrated Data Analytics in Madison, WI. Portal will be a new system, designed with knowledge of the data exchange standards used by: The EPA/USGS Water Quality Data Exchange (a STORET and NWIS Data Portal) The Open Geospatial Consortium and associated Groundwater Interoperability Experiment (USGS, NRCan, CSIRO, and CUAHSI) Goal is automated data transfer from data providers, through portal, to public user. Intermediate approach may be needed What the portal is: -An access point for all NGWMN wells, springs and associated data -A map interface for NGWMN wells and springs -An access point for data from non-NGWMN wells and springs that meet NGWMN criteria What the portal is not: -Repository for all groundwater data collected across the Nation -A master database for all NGWMN wells For the map interface, The National Map Basemap has been setup as the background (Login needed) - USGS Center for Integrated Data Analytics (CIDA) (Nate Booth, - David R. Wunsch - Director of Science & Technology, National Ground Water Association Subcommittee on Ground Water - - Bill Cunningham, Office of Groundwater, USGS



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