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Piloting TNM-Atlas in the Cloud by USGS NGP

The USGS National Geospatial Program (NGP) [which manages The National Map, National Atlas, Geospatial Emergency Operations, Center for Excellence in GIS (CEGIS), and Geospatial Partnerships] is conducting a pilot to evaluate the readiness of Cloud services for delivery of geospatial data. The scope of the pilot includes Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service. The pilot includes making services in the cloud available for the National Map Viewer. The pilot is focused on making the best use of Cloud services, rather than proving that geospatial services work on the Cloud. See attached PDF for more info Paul Wiese USGS (, Data and Systems Architect, USGS NGP Kevin Hope USGS (, Chief Architect, USGS NGP Albert Decker ( Cloud Analyst, Xentity LLC



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