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Land Cover Analysis Tools with TNM base map

In 2006, the USGS Eastern Geographic Science Center began a joint project to develop a custom application to provide enhanced public access to USGS’s National Land Cover Database (NLCD). The resulting Land Cover Analysis Tool (LCAT) allows users to quickly locate, display, and download data from the National Land Cover Dataset (NLCD) , including the recently developed NLCD Change Product, which displays changes in land cover between 1992 and 2001. The Primary LCAT Viewer is in beta preview as LCAT2 and is accessible here: The LCAT team are in early stages of a proof of concept for setting up an OpenLayers using WebMeractor Projection and using TNM as basemap backdrop and can be found here: LCAT Team, Eastern Geographic Science Center Dave Kirtland, (, Director Paul Hearn, (, Web Mapping Projects Manager John Aguinaldo, (, LCAT Team, (Harris Harris IT Services Corporation contractor)



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