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Generating and Saving a Mashup with your service in TNM Viewer

In the release of the new viewer posted on beta for the TNM Users Conference at: (Best in Firefox/Chrome) a user can now cut and paste a WMS, REST, KML, RSS or WMTS into the search box, auto-add that to the map in one-click, zoom/pan, turn on/off any layer/basemap, save bookmark THEN re-open with that User Added Service for future reference. Previously, it would not save that User Added Service. This works for adding 1 service via search box, and we are working for multiple services added as a JSON Context Profile and capability to save that as well. Click one of the links below to see examples of saved bookmarks in TNM Viewer with other services: USGS Geologic Faults OGC WMS Service from - @CONUS default extent - Same, but zoomed in - USGS Geology Gravity Anomaly OGC WMS raster service - USGS Biology REST service, zoomed in to the National Park extent -



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