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Federal Featured Data in TNM Viewer (Mashathon Challenge)

In The National Map Viewer, under "Other Featured Data" - (or live viewer), Along with TNM base data overlays, there are several featured data mashups from other Science, Hazards, and Land Management programs. Challenge: 1. Give making a mashup with one of these services a try 2. Copy your link or Print PDF in the upper right of the viewer 3. Submit your idea as part of the mashathon: USGS Ecosystems USGS Protected Area Owner(PADUS) USGS Protected Area Conservation Status (PADUS) USGS GAP Land Cover USGS US Hazards USGS Hazards Info USGS Hazards & Warnings NEXRAD Weather FWS Wetlands BLM Public Land Survey (PLSS) (This can be voted on, but not up for mashathon recognition)



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