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Saving TNM Viewer Mashup as ArcMap MXD in 1-click

Create Core Capabilities to Port Context Configurations in TNM Viewer to MXD

First the TNM Viewer would need port the services setup and/or turned on (users choice) to JSON – users setup already in the configuration, as well as the user added content. TNM Team recently did this for another service, so the effort to make this a module to be used in this case should be minimized

 Then the Port capability would read that JSON file and save as JSON or MXD (or other) by performing the target format adapter call which would need to be developed. The KML portion will be coded by the Water team led by Rob Hollister and the MXD led by Gerg Smoczyk in Hazards, likely to be written in ArcPy (Python) or Since TNM will already be saving the JSON, that format will be available as well for those users as well.

As well, it would need to make sure context files can be opened from context files or other URLS not hosted on TNM and be compliant with security. The latter can be added manually, but is currently queued to be added in the URI. TNM would manage hosting the Porting capability, as a separate service, likely REST, and could be planned to be made prototype ready or ready for CDI Users in FY11, but would need to be blessed through NGP governance before committing to operational impact


USGS Community for Data Integration:

Rob Dollison ( USGS NGP Delivery Services lead)

Greg Smoczyk (, USGS Hazards/Earthquakes, NEIC

Matt Tricomi (, USGS NGP (Contractor, Xentity Corporation)



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