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Indiana GIS Response Corps Flex Viewer

The Indiana Geographic Information Council GIS Response CORPS Flex Viewer is created for enhancing accessibility to geospatial applications, technologies, and products to assist local government GIS staff in support of their local Emergency Management Practitioners in the event of an emergency.


USGS Stream gages are displayed from NHSS mapserver. U.S.Topo quadrangles can be queried and downloaded. An optional basemap includes USGS Topo. Other services are NWS NEXRAD Radar, Geocoding capabilities and driving directions to name a few.


Developed by:


Christina McCullough, Contractor


Geospatial Analyst, M.A.


Joint Forces Headquarters of Indiana


NGIN-JOD, Joint Operations Center


2002 South Holt Road


Indianapolis, IN 46241-4839




DSN 369-2200 x3243

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